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Mojo Trading Ltd incorporated in 2004, established in 2009 and over a period of 3 years between 2009-12 was the leading innovator of its kind in the field and market leader in the sale of Cannabis related smoking products. Over the course of 10 months between 2009-10, Ted Strauss and I co-invented a product known today as Journey.

Other than give it its name and spend over £70,000, 60mins most evenings after having completed a day’s work to work alongside Ted and develop it, I did fuck all! Is what It seemed to me at the time, we were on a mission to make Journey a reality … this, the finest smoking pipe of its kind!

Obviously, there is no bias in what I say! Quite simply I bring you Journey Vape!

You can Vape CBD & Cannabidiol and smoke any material that will fit in the bowl! Journey is PCI compliant with the following know drug terms:

Cannabis              Pot         Weed    Herb      Green   Hash      Pollen   Rocky    Slate      Grass

Resin     Shatter Cocaine                MDMA                 Speed   Amphetamine

Smoking & Vaping any material has risk, Mojo Trading Ltd does not condone or promote Journey for illegal practise, to comply on a global scale the company has branded Journey as a Vaping & Tobacco related pipe for legal reasons. I do not condone the consumption of tobacco, customers are required to abide by the laws governing their home territories use, sale or distribution derivatives.

The day will come when tobacco production will be replaced with cannabis and when that day arrives Journey’s association with tobacco will be no longer!

Safety, wellbeing and good karma are essential and with any substance, we at mojo request all patrons to consume with caution, too much CBD will render you immortal and make the fat cats rich!

Invest in Journey it’s so easy to clean, if you don’t mind sharing your pipe, you can see for yourselves that it’s uses are varied, it’s a neat little pipe… why because it’s

  1. Small and compact, fits in the palm of your hand, snuggly in your pocket
  2. Held by magnets… no screws, no threads… No plastic to crack, no wood to burn
  3. Has sliding lid enabling a smokeless environment, no loss of material at all!
  4. 114g of Cast Zinc, you can’t break it even if you try!
  5. Easy to clean, ready again in under 40 seconds (Remember hot oil comes off metal!)
  6. Lifetime Warranty (Certain conditions apply, see T&C’s)
  7. Recorded message in 6 languages on how to get the most out of your pipe! English, French, Spanish, German, Chinese & Japanese.

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